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Veteran who lost both legs climbs Mount Everest

In an unprecedented act of resilience and determination, a former British army serviceman, who lost his legs in Afghanistan, has ascended Mount Everest, becoming the first individual with a double above-knee amputation to achieve this feat. Hari Budha Magar scaled the towering 8,849-metre peak, a daring endeavor embarked upon 13 years after he was involved in an IED explosion that resulted in the loss of his legs. This accomplishment serves as a powerful testament to his belief that with the right mindset, any hurdle can be overcome, regardless of its magnitude​.

Magar is no novice to overcoming great odds and making history. Prior to his Everest ascent, he had already set records as the first double above-knee amputee to climb several other mountains, including Mera Peak and Chulu Far East. In addition to his personal mountaineering pursuits, Magar has been a vocal advocate for the rights of individuals with disabilities. In 2018, he collaborated with other climbers and disability organizations to successfully challenge and overturn a ban on disabled people climbing Everest in Nepal's Supreme Court​​.

Throughout his challenging journey to the top of Everest, Magar drew strength and motivation from his family and supporters. During the toughest moments of the climb, he found solace and inspiration in the thoughts of his loved ones and all the individuals who assisted him in his quest to reach the summit. He expressed gratitude for the immense support he received, asserting that without it, his successful expedition would not have been possible​​.

In a show of altruism in line with his remarkable physical feat, Magar has set his sights on raising funds for charities. He aims to collect a total of 884,900 pounds (approximately $1.65 million), a figure chosen as a symbolic reference to the height of Everest, with the proceeds going to five different charities​​.

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