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Sudden Breakup: US Open Winner Emma Raducanu and Coach Sebastian Sachs Part Ways

Emma Raducanu, the 2022 US Open Champion, has recently ended her professional relationship with her former coach, Sebastian Sachs. Sachs has expressed deep regret about their parting of ways, describing the situation as unfortunate. He was Raducanu's coach during her triumphant run in the US Open last year, a period that has been marked as a significant turning point in her career. Sachs articulated his sentiments in an interview, stating, "It's a shame, really"​.

Their professional split has caused a stir in the tennis community, coming shortly after Raducanu's historic win at the US Open, which catapulted her into the limelight. Sachs, who has been pivotal in her success, was seen as an instrumental figure in her rise to stardom. His comments on the split have been characterized by a sense of disappointment but also an understanding that such changes are part of the professional sporting world. Despite the regrettable end to their professional relationship, Sachs has maintained a positive outlook, stating that while the situation is unfortunate, it's not a tragedy​​.

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