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Roma vs. Referee: Angry Supporters Launch Assault on Anthony Taylor at Budapest Airport

In a disturbing event that transpired at Budapest Airport, prominent Premier League referee, Anthony Taylor, and his family were subject to outrageous mistreatment by a group of disgruntled Roma supporters. The agitated fans went as far as to launch chairs and bottles in the direction of Taylor, prompting immediate intervention from the authorities​​.

The incident occurred in the aftermath of the UEFA Europa League final between Roma and Sevilla, where Taylor officiated. The match, marked by a 1-1 draw and eventually decided in favour of Sevilla via penalties, resulted in a volatile ambiance, further escalated by the contentious decisions made during the game​.

Taylor was publicly criticised by Roma's manager, José Mourinho, following the match, which possibly led to the subsequent incident at the airport. The manager was seen arguing with Taylor and the officials in the stadium parking lot, calling out Taylor's officiating as a "disgrace"​​.

Upon news of the incident, The Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL), the governing body for officials in English professional football, expressed their disapproval of the treatment meted out to Taylor and his family. They termed the abuse as "unjustified and abhorrent" and pledged full support to Taylor and his family. The Premier League also voiced their concern, stating that the behaviour endured by Taylor and his family was inexcusable​.

The situation at the airport was eventually controlled, thanks to the combined efforts of the airport authorities and the police, who swiftly intervened to ensure Taylor and his family's safe boarding onto their flight. An Italian fan was apprehended by the police in connection with the incident, and criminal proceedings have been initiated on charges of affray​​.

Currently, UEFA awaits Taylor's reports before deciding whether to take any action against Mourinho for his comments during the post-match press conference​​.

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