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£200m for new cycle paths

The United Kingdom is set to witness a significant boost in its provisions for active and sustainable travel, thanks to a £200 million government investment. The funding is earmarked for the development of new walking and cycling paths, with a primary goal of promoting healthier and environmentally-friendly modes of transport.

This large-scale initiative aims to not only foster a healthier lifestyle among the public, but also to mitigate the environmental impact of transport by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, it is expected to stimulate economic growth by driving footfall to local businesses and high streets.

The funding will facilitate the construction of 121 miles of new cycle track, along with 77 miles of additional footpaths and green spaces. Alongside these, measures will be implemented to enhance safety around 130 schools, transforming the school journey for tens of thousands of children.

The anticipated outcome of these developments is a significant increase in active travel, with estimates suggesting up to 16 million additional walking and cycling trips per year. This surge in active commuting is expected to alleviate traffic congestion in urban areas, improving road safety, and overall, enhancing the health and well-being of the population.

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